Talking About Money

THIS BLOG IS LONG, 1,596 words long, but I think you will see the benefit of it, especially if you are ready to get lots of money. Talking about money is really fun for me. There are so many directions you can go with money and its ability to make us happy. Yes, money makes people happy. It makes me happy when I have money to pay all the bills, and even happier when it is in abundance in my life!

Is money my life? No, but it does take money to live in the current culture.

What Is Money?

Money is that thing that represents our life energy. On your job you give an hour of your time in exchange for a set amount of money. This is why I call it a representation of your life energy. Money isn’t evil, nor is it good all by itself. It is simply paper or coin that has been assigned value by its creators. There is nothing wrong with earning money to pay for your life expenses. There is nothing wrong with making millions of dollars and spending millions of dollars. I’m talking about making millions within the legal avenues, not the way Pablo Escobar did it.

You Want More Money?

To get more money FLOWING in your life, you will need to address three things in your life. Your personal perception of having lots of money. Your ability to receive lots of money and your ability to allow it to FLOW!

1. How Do You Perceive Money?

Growing up around mostly middle-class folks, I gained a perception that money was evil in some way. Not that it was shunned in our family or anything like that, we just never approached money as something noble to be obtained.

Later on in life, I realized that money was a noble thing to obtain.

WHAT! Did I just say that money is a noble thing? YES, YES, and YES! How can I be so bold to say that money is a good thing to obtain? Remember I told you it represents life energy? The more money you have, the more you can influence people’s lives for good. To perceive money as something only the greedy are grabbing is a FALSE perception. Good people can obtain money without falling under the spell of greed.

Good people with lots of money can accomplish more than a good person that is poor. If you want lots of money to come to you, you have to open up to the fact that money in the hands of a good person is GOOD MONEY! Do you see what I’m talking about? I was a fairly good person in the past, but I had a poor mindset about money. After learning about the good power of money, I shifted my perception and began to accumulate more and more money. Shift your perception of money and it will aid you in the next step of how to FLOW in receiving money.

2. How To Receive Money

As soon as I talk about receiving money many people jump to the conclusion that I am talking about being in the position to be given money. That is part of it but it is much bigger than that. I hope you win the lottery and do lots of good with the money, but I have a strong belief that if you don’t have a right perception of money and how to properly receive it, you will ultimately loose it.

Receiving money is taking on responsibility. If you are going to have money flow into your life, you must treat it with respect. Treat it like you would treat life energy. If someone told you that you could have eight hours of their life, what would you do with it? Truth is, many people wouldn’t know what to do with eight hours of living breathing energy. I have asked people and corporations to tell me what I could do for them and they most often tell me that they don’t know.

Do you think Tony Robbins would know what to do if I offered him eight hours of my life? Warren Buffet would know exactly what to do with eight hours of someone’s life. The reason these men are mega-wealthy is because they VALUE money as life energy and know how to RECEIVE it.

They are mentally prepared to receive before the money appears. I used to fantasize about how nice it would be to find a briefcase along the road with a million dollars of unmarked bills inside of it. Some drug deal gone bad and now it’s free money for the first person to find it. You ever have those kind of fantasies? Question is, could I RECEIVE a million dollars at once? Could you? Let me put it another way. Suppose you buy a raffle ticket for free milk (you don’t read the fine print), I call and tell you that YOU HAVE WON THE FREE MILK! We set up a delivery time to your house and you are so excited about your winnings! I show up to your house with a tanker of milk, 8,500 gallons worth, would you be able to receive it? Probably not. That is that same concept of winning the lottery, most people can’t receive it. They have no room in their consciousness for that vast amount of money. But you say, 8,500 gallons of milk takes up a lot of room and a million dollars doesn’t. Actually inside a poor person’s consciousness it is easier to imagine receiving that much milk than receiving a briefcase with one million tax-free dollars.

How To Expand Your Ability To Receive

Today begin imagining that you are wealthy. Stop talking poor talk. Stop limiting your scope of being responsible for mega amounts of life energy. Take responsibility for the amount of money you currently have. Treat it as a noble substance for making the world a better place. Each dollar is important. Give God thanks for all the money (life energy) that has come into your possession. Build yourself up in the reality to receive more money and I promise that more money will come to you.

3. The Third Step In Getting Money Is Learning To Allow It To Flow

This should be an easy thing for people who have learned to receive money, but it can be very difficult. What am I referring unto? The FLOWING part of money. If money represents the living energy of those that have obtained it, then it would stand to reason that it has a life quality about it. To poke money in a can and bury it in the yard is not going to allow more money to flow. Stagnant money will develop economic cancer every time. Economic cancer begins with inflation (the secret tax). If you put a hundred dollars in a jar today and never add to it, it will have less VALUE in 5 years. Understand what I’m saying? It will lose value or buying power everyday it sits stagnant. Money, just like life energy, must flow to remain of value. That’s not to say we shouldn’t save for a rainy day. Remember this saying, “Money must flow to grow.” 

How To Get Maximum Flow Power

The basic principles of money flow are not that hard to understand. They can get detailed and complicated in the higher orders, but for the beginner it isn’t very complicated. Let’s break it down to simple terms. You work for, sell for or are gifted money equal to a weeks wages. Before you grab up the weeks wages and begin to pay the bills (those bills you are blessed to have), let us take a mental assessment. Who or what gave you the strength and ability to obtain the weeks wages? I say it was God, some say the universe. Let us agree and say that it is the force of life. Before you do anything else, give back to “LIFE” a portion of your earnings. This is a powerful FLOW enabler. I personally make a point to give 10% minimum. How do I recommend giving to Life? Give to a organization that promotes life, a church, homeless shelter, etc., and keep the flow going. You can also give to a person in need. Maintaining a organization for the good of humanity is especially powerful because if managed properly the organization will grow in influence and impact many more life’s than giving to a lone individual. If you are of the persuasion that giving to churches or shelters is wrong then your mind has been wounded by organizations with poor leadership. I have heard the argument that ministers like Creflo Dollar shouldn’t manage that much money! I would remind you, that if he manages it wrong, it will destroy him and if he manages it properly, it will build him and those around him. Whatever you do, you must learn to allow money to flow or it will not grow. Again, give back to life first! Secondly, plant for tomorrows crop. This means to invest some amount for the expansion of your life and the life of your family. Lastly pay your bills with excitement! Be excited that you have been given the resources of life to exchange for all the wonderful things that you and your family enjoy in life.

Three Steps
I have personally grown myself and my family financially by applying these principles.
1. I obtained a good clean perception of money.
2. I learned how to receive money.
3. I always allow money to flow with ease.

Be Good and Obtain Lots of Good Money,

Rob Schreckhise