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Spiritual Teachings and Tools for Personal Growth

  • Why the name Mountain Eight? Eight is the number of new beginnings and a mountain is an elevated place for a fresh perspective! Mountain Eight… An Elevated New Start! 
  • We believe more and more that people are no longer fulfilled with traditional Christian beliefs and are undergoing a Spiritual Awakening to the idea there is more than what has been taught for the past few decades!
  • We believe in a Creator, a Creator that has been writing a story of love and purpose for everyone. This story is a living progression from Bible stories into the present day, and God has given everyone a role to play in this story.
  • M8 is a spiritual organization with a vision to inspire and teach others how to go through the transformational stages of Spiritual Awakening. We believe Christian spirituality is more than a binary game of being saved or unsaved, but rather consists of many levels of mastery and truely a life long endeavor. 
  • We offer one-on-one coaching, group sessions and public presentations.

Hi I'm Rob

I am the Founder and Pastor of Mountain Eight. I started Mountain Eight as a Ministry to inspire and motivate those that are searching for Spiritual Awakening! Please check out all our free resources on this website and if you still need help contact me!

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What People are Saying About Rob

“Rob is so filled with hope. This hope is contagious, infectious. Some people share their faith. Rob goes well beyond that. He shares his hope. Glorious, life changing hope. CATCH IT while you can!”-Charles

“I first met Rob in 1997, immediately I could see that he is all about helping and lifting people into the fullness of life. Rob has been a major anchor in my journey of life, he has stood by me in the good times and the dark times. He is a man of integrity. He is a man you can trust.”Mike


The Helper Needs Help

The Helper Needs Help Did you know that people who are seeking approval will often start ministries hoping to satisfy their inner need? They will be passionate about “The Cause” all the while hoping for the response from people that will satisfy their own need for...

Law, Who Needs It???

Law, Who Needs It??? Summary “The Righteous need not the law..” -Apostle Paul Is The Law Gone? - Yes, If you mean the pharisaical law of the old covenant. NO, if you mean the universal law of God. - God's law is unending. The very laws of man are primarily derived...


Happiness 101

A full immersive plunge into harnessing happiness in your life. This course takes you step by step for 7 weeks to unlocking happiness more powerfully than you could have thought possible for your yourself.

The 8 Day Challenge

This course is not for quitters or excuse makers. If you want to make a dramatic change for your personal success and happiness, we CHALLENGE you! Eight days, non-stop growth, powerful change.


Book Cover - Awaken The Christ Mind

Awaken The Christ Mind

The Definitive Guide To Spiritual Awakening

At one point or another, I believe, everyone will come to a point in there life where they will stop and ask themselves, “Is this all there is to life”? Everyone will wonder to themselves that there has to be more…

That is the beginning of a very exciting journey in life, the spiritual awakening. If that is where you are at right now this is the book you MUST read. I reveal a whole new perspective on 21 of life’s most important topics for personal success and happiness.

Mystery Of Faith

A thrilling tale of a boy named Robik and his journey to understanding the power of faith. Robik is driven to find answers to his ever maddening questions and what he finds leaves him changed forever. Wielding a power the world all but forgot, he now sees the world with a new sense of hope.

More Resources!

We have a whole library of books and spiritual teaching guides. If you need a guide for personal growth and happiness, you will be able to find it there! If you can’t, please contact us and we will create a guide just for you and add it to the library.