I will start off by saying that I personally believe all diseases are able to be healed completely. There is no such thing as terminal diseases or disorders. I am not a medical doctor, but I am a man of faith. Beyond the known realm of medicine is a realm of spiritual power, a power great enough to supersede logic and reasoning.

I have taught before on the ultimate power of the universe. The Creator has ALL power, period.

Once you understand that truth you will have a whole new world open to you. It is the beginning of wisdom and the realization of truth. The main force of the universe has ALL power! Nothing else has any power in relation to this great power.

Keeping that in mind let us explore the WAY to heal all diseases.

Diseases are not able to penetrate into the heavenly realm. Heaven doesn’t know disorder, malfunction, or disease. Earth on the other hand has birthed forth millions of diseases and syndromes. Even many things that cannot be found in the physical body, they are bond up in the behavioral sector of our belief system.

The truth will set you free only if you KNOW the truth. What I am telling you now is absolute truth. Diseases do not exist in heaven. Follow with me now as I reveal to you the HOW the healing will come to you.

There are many methods or modalities, but they must all follow the same spiritual principles of healing.

Heaven’s will must be accomplished on earth.

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” – Jesus

We have learned how to manifest heaven’s will by the example of those that have brought about miraculous healing. They look at anyone that comes to them to be healed through the heavenly portal. Once the eyes of heaven look upon a person and can see the wholeness resident there, the diseases immediately cease to exist.

When Peter and John the young masters of Jesus came upon a crippled man in the book of Acts, chapter three, they didn’t let their earthly sight confuse the situation. They looked at him with the same X-ray vision that the man Jesus possessed. They said for the man to look upon them and then with the eyes of heaven and the voice of heaven they commanded him to rise up and walk.

It would be considered inconsiderate if you were to command someone to do something that they physically could not do. They surpassed what he could or could not do physically and spoke directly to the heavenly (spiritual) portion of his being. When the connection of heaven with heaven was made, the flesh or earth portion of the man had to obey.

Earth doesn’t have any power to resist the ALL powerful force of heaven.

I hope you are discerning what I am showing you. More than a good thought process, this is a spiritual phenomenon.

I would be very careful to give the Heavenly Father all the glory for every healing. There are some who try to heal with the power of their mind, positive thinking and visualization. I remind you, against the Almighty nothing else has any power, including your mind.

If you start leaning on your own mind for your healing or of the healing of others, you are falling into the deceitful trap of idolatry. Anytime you give anything power over the divine power of LIFE, you are falling into idolatry.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to the Father is through me.”
-The Christ of Jesus

Healing is available to ALL at ANYTIME! ALL disease can be instantly healed by the ALL powerful Christ that is operating from heaven in earth right now.

To conclude and make it very personal, ALL of HEAVEN wants to consume ALL of your EARTH fulfilling the order of bringing a new heaven and a new earth into your consciousness.

When you are a new heaven (spiritually aligned) and a new earth (flesh yielded to aligned spirit) do you think any disease will stay anywhere around you?

No, disease and disorder are not apart of the new heaven nor the new earth.

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Much Love,

Rob Schreckhise