How To Be Happy In An Unhappy World

Your happiness is going to come from within YOU!

YOU are the center of your universe. Out of YOU the Creator will do great and mighty things.

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom…The Kingdom that is within YOU…”

Do we understand this??? We look everywhere but to the source of God within us. I’ll say this, if He can’t make you happy from within, then nothing on this big earth will bring you happiness either.

Listen to me, God is love and He resides within His created beings called Humans. Out of the Human (YOU) comes forth the power of life!!! Yielding to that life flow is HOW YOU CAN BE HAPPY IN AN UNHAPPY WORLD! People just haven’t figured out who is within them.

Meditate and pray to the Good Lord and live life as the Body of Christ! YOU WILL FIND ULTIMATE HAPPINESS. Doesn’t matter what may come or go in the external realm around you, you will have peace of soul.

The whole GOSPEL (good news) is that the source of life is inside of YOU working a great work outside of YOU if you will let HIM!

READ “The Great You” and shift your whole perspective on how to be happy in an unhappy world.


Rob Schreckhise (A Happy Man).