Maybe You Don’t Know Me

Some of you reading this article do not know me very well if at all. After reading about my life, you may choose to not know me or affiliate with me. I was incarcerated for over 30 years. Yes, I have served my time and was released and eventually cleared of all charges. During my imprisonment I was sick and mostly blind the the entire time. There you have it…I was a convicted man..the worst kind…a murderer.

Still Want To Know Me?

Are you still here? Maybe you were a convict also. Maybe you were imprisoned and didn’t even know it. I was. In prison and no one told me. I was in a religious prison. Prisoned and sick until the Holy Breath of my Father in heaven came and set me FREE!


Jail Break Came Through Seeking

I was a traditional Christian just living life the best that I knew how. Then one day I went to a meeting that was a week long of prayer and fasting. During that meeting something happened, my mind was awakened to the mind of Christ. From that day forward I began seeking for all the was available in the full order of Christ. The continual seeking led me deeper and deeper into the love of God. I sought so hard for God that even the term “God” became foreign. HUH? That’s right, the Holy Spirit directed me to call him “Father.”  

I Was Set Free Completely!

Over the next few years my consciousness became more and more unified with Christ. My ego (the enemy of Christ) was crucified and I was caught up in the twinkling of an eye to be with Christ. I was set free from the prison of earthly thoughts and seated at the marriage supper of my Father in heaven (heavenly thoughts). I no longer was living on yesterdays manna. I was no longer breathing yesterdays breath. I truly became the body of Christ. That my friends is what true freedom is all about! 

That Is Why My New Name Is Happy

I Walk In Peace With Healing In My Hand

Deliverance from the valley of the shadow of death and also from hating my fellow man (murderer of the soul) has given to me a power of happiness to impart to anyone that is in need of more happiness. Healed from the sickness of serving a false god has given me a compassion for those sick from that nonsense. I have the full power of Christ to heal and set free. I am Happy now and forever more. Happy is my name!

-Rob Schreckhise

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