Happiness is Inside of You!

Happiness 101 Seven Week Course

Be Happy With Us!

“Happiness is a big mountain to conquer, but you can do it!
-Rob Schreckhise

What is Happiness?

– You will learn in this 7 week course that happiness is an inside job. Within you is the capacity to REALLY BE HAPPY!!!

– True happiness is more about WHO you have become in life than about what you have accomplished outside of yourself. You can BECOME HAPPY!

How we Help you.

The design of this course is to reshape your belief system. A simple step-by-step program to help you find you high place of ultimate freedom. 

It Works!

Waking up to who you are and where you are going in life is not all mystical as some would have you to believe. You can begin APPLYING happiness on day one. You will be amazed at how fast your life can turn around when you begin living the principles of life given to you in this course.

What is required of you.

1. You need to commit to finishing the whole course! Click on the Letter of Commitment button and download your letter to become a finisher, a happy finisher! 

2. Click on the button above that says, Happiness 101 Study Guide to download your guide. 

3. Click to download the book, “Awaken The Christ Mind” simply enter $0 in the amount box if you do not wish to donate at this time.

4. Join The Facebook Group if you are on Facebook (not a requirement to become happy).

5. Stay consistent in your pursuit of happiness!

6. Call on us through Live Chat if you run into any snags that are not covered in the course.

Be A Finisher!

I can assure you it gets better and better with each step you take. This is a walk of faith that can be realized day by day. People will begin to notice that you are changing with each passing step. There is a wisdom and happiness that will begin to flow out of you! Love the ride, love God, others and yourself! 

Much Love and Many Happy Days To Come,

-Rob Schreckhise