Being a human has so many advantages over other species. We can create new worlds through strategic planning. We have designed and built vehicles to travel on land, across water and through the skies. We are able to remember yesterday and dream about tomorrow. Nothing brings happiness like being human!

I wish that we could all understand how much power we actually have, especially if we bind together in unity. We can do the impossible. Of course this is because we are the offspring of the Master Creator. We are made to imagine a thing and then through the conceptual construct of our minds we can begin to develop it in the material realm.

I wish that all of our imaginings were full of happiness and beneficial to us all, but I’m sad to say that there have been many inventions of man that has brought great death to many of us. Why would man want to kill other men? I suppose it is for power and domination in a particular area. War is never good for the human race. War that is for the procurement of gold, oil or drugs (g.o.d. of the dark world), has taken its toll upon our culture. Many a young person is suffering from being sent out to steal, kill and destroy, all for the sake of advancing a particular nation.

I feel the unrest in society as the new generation seeks for answers to turn the tide of darkness. We all know that the government is not going to provide us happiness. We also know that education and religion have failed to bring happiness and unity to the earth. We know all this, but deep down in our soul we also know that there must be an answer. There must be a resolve to all the conflict being played out in the human race.


Let’s look at chapter 11. No, I’m not talking about filing bankruptcy… even though that is exactly where many people think we are in this nation, I’m talking about chapter 11 in the book of Hebrews of the Bible. It is the faith chapter. Read it and be amazed at what those people did with just one ingredient. With the one ingredient called FAITH. Faith in a God of LOVE. Faith in the BIG PICTURE! Faith that moved mountains and built lives. A Godly faith that will sustain us when all hope is gone. It is actually not a faith we muster up in our minds, it is the FAITH of God. God’s Faith imparted to us His children, a DOOR to ultimate HAPPINESS!!!!

Yes, we are humans that have great abilities. Yes, we can traverse the heavens. We also have another power, the power to lose our way. We can experience depression, loneliness, hopelessness, despair, and worthlessness. Humans can reach so high and yet fall so low. You will never see a sparrow build a skyscraper, but you will also never see a sparrow sitting with tears streaming down his face and saying that life is hopeless. I am thankful for the ability to find true happiness and also the ability to plummet. The expression of life in our human frame is so emotionally charged it literally identifies us with our Creator.

Applying The Answer

So we need more unity in our cities. We need more health in our bodies. We need more wealth in our economies. We want more peace in our world. WE NEED MORE HAPPINESS!!! We are HUMAN with the ability given to us by our Creator to do the impossible. We know that with God’s FAITH we can accomplish anything. Sounds good right? It is good and here is 5 ways to start the faith-ball rolling in your life.

1. Develop a strong belief in the ONE TRUE FORCE OF THE UNIVERSE by reading the Bible and praying.
2. Pray consistently to this ONE SUPREME BREATH OF LIFE.
3. Find out the principles of living in the GOD’S FAITH and live them every day.
4. Understand that FAITH always operates in LOVE.
5. OBEY the ultimate command of Faith and Love, which is Love your Neighbor as Yourself.

That’s it! Read Hebrews 11 in the Bible and live the same model of FAITH in your life today.

Here is a prayer to pray everyday in your quest for a better life and a better world.

Father God, I humbly come to you today with an open heart. I understand that you are the supreme force of the universe. There is no greater power than you. I want to be in perfect alignment with you and all that you have for me. Father strengthen my belief in you and your eternal principles of life, so that I may get stronger and stronger each day. Give me the wisdom and strength to love my neighbor as myself, to always treat others as I would have them treat me. I yield my heart and soul to you great God. I love you and thank you for everything in my life. I am happy that you have given me an open door of faith to walk through and obtain all the blessings that are needed to bring world peace and world unity. I pray this prayer with the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Let me know how this prayer changes your life and share with others to promote unity in the human race.

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Rob Schreckhise