Life, more abundant life is the only way to live. I am amazed at how refreshing everyday life can be when you are walking with the Creator of the universe. By walking I mean following His established guides for successful living; there is peace and joy in every breath you take.

I remember going to a meeting years ago where a minister got up and told us how the Lord had told him to go play golf. At the time I was skeptical, why would God tell a minister to go play golf? It didn’t sound right to my logical mind but at the time something in my spirit knew he was telling the truth. Our pulpit teachers are always teaching that Christ came to give us abundant life, a real life here on this planet. So what made my mind question that God had told a preacher that he should go and play golf?

It is something to think about. God, are you really interested in the daily affairs of our lives? Do you care if we know how to properly relax or not? Is it important to you that we change the oil in our cars or play games on our electronic devices?

Now this blog may get a little bizarre for some of you, but it must be told. Those of you that “get it” will be renewed in your faith.

Let’s lay a little foundation for this story. A number of years ago the Lord placed on my heart a burden for the orphans in Russia. I have had the privilege to travel there numerous times and in my visits became very close to a young man that grew up in an orphanage. We communicated over Skype and I was pleased at his ability to learn languages as well as learn quickly the way to move in the business world. He was a shining star in Moscow. His name is Evgeniy or better known to me as Eugene. I wrote a novella that speaks of him: Mystery Of Faith

As some of you may of heard, he passed away in the end of 2014. My heart was crushed at the news of his passing. I went through the typical, “WHY????” phase. Why God? Why Eugene? Why did this happen???

Thank God for his comforting Spirit that led me through this troubled time. Pastor Heard of Houston, TX., gave me this word; “You have not invested in this young man alone, you invested in the Kingdom. He told me that all of the Kingdom of God investments I made into Eugene are eternal and there would arise another to continue what was begun in him.” I wholeheartedly believe that to be the case.

Also the day that I learned of Eugene’s passing my wife had a scripture immediately come to her. The scripture is: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” John 12:24

Eugene has been on my mind a lot lately, which brings us up to date and the uniqueness of the events that transpired today.  newmystery copy

I had a dream this morning that I was in a place that Eugene had lived. There were two young orphan boys that were living there. We were going through Eugene’s things and discussing how wonderful he treated everyone he knew. The young orphans were sad at this passing because they now felt like they had no one to watch out for them. I was quick to let them know that I would help them to make it in life. I had a full confidence in the Holy Spirit to not only protect these young men, but also to provide for them.

After waking up from the dream, there was this great faith in the unseen hand of God. The atmosphere around me was different. I recommend reading chapter 15 of the book called ADAM, it explains the unseen hand.

Let me now jump to another small thing in my life that has been interesting. Sometime around the same time that Eugene passed away, I began playing eight ball pool on my iPhone. Now your mind will tell you that a iPhone app game has nothing to do with God. I hope you will understand that I am not promoting pool, games or time robbing devices. I am promoting the ability of God to use things in our life to speak to us.

I have played the game to the best of my ability and have a 52% win rate. Not that good but it has been fun. You get 25 new coins each hour to play games with and a daily spin for additional coins. Through hard work and diligent playing, I had gained over 7,000 coins.

Now for the interesting part. I came downstairs this morning and sat down with a cup of coffee to play a game of pool on my iPad. Something told me to play a tournament instead of a single game. To win a tournament you must win three games in succession. I went over to the tournament portion of the game to enter a tournament that would require 3,000 of my coins. I was a little hesitant. I have only won about 1 out of every 10 tournaments that I have entered. Then something or someone told me to not play the 3,000 coin tournament but the 5,000 coin tournament. It was a very strong impression. Not only would it require 5,000 hard earned coins, but the games have no guidelines to help you line up the shots.

This sound strange? It was strange for me also. Then, as clearly as anything, the word came to me that I would not even have to play, just believe the tournament win was mine for easy taking. So I hit the tournament button and watched as 5,000 of my coins was extracted from my account.

I had confidence that I would win, but never expected what happened. The first person withdrew before we ever got a chance to play. That withdrawal placed me into the semi-finals. The next person quit the game after only a couple of plays. That put me into the finals for a grand purse of 30,000 COINS! Have you noticed how I haven’t had the opportunity to play yet?

The last and final game came up for play…I was getting a little nervous at this point. Then calmly the voice let me know that I had already won and to stop being anxious about the game. I took a deep breath and we began. I hit the balls a little too hard and the eight ball rolled into a corner pocket and looked as if it would roll in and give the game to my opponent. I have to admit my faith wavered. It stopped so far down into the pocket that the least tap would put it in. We play back and forth a couple of times and he knocked the eight ball in prematurely. I won, just like that, I won a tournament that was beyond my skill, beyond my faith and much beyond my initial belief!

Now maybe your mind is saying the same thing that my mind said when that preacher long ago said that God told him to play golf. Maybe you believe in coincidences of life. Maybe all this is too much for you to swallow. MAYBE this all makes perfect sense and you can feel the deeper meaning.

The dream, the game, and the whole day has been a faith boosting experience to me. I have been given a fresh hope that God will provide for the orphans of Russia through my obedience. God has already given us the “WIN.”
So to remember this my friend, God can do all things through those of us that believe in Him. Have the faith of God and go forth fearing nothing, not even the last opponent of a pool tournament. My last tournament opponent was Sorryboy’s. When discouragement, disappointment and disillusion comes knocking, say “Sorry Boys it’s already settled, I have already won this life, this abundant life.

The author and finisher of my faith has concluded the end from the beginning. We have won before we have even started. We have won and nothing can ever take that from us!

So whether in a pool tournament or in the arrangement of fence boards (another miracle story for another time), God can speak so loudly it will hurt the darkness’s ears. Just live right, walk straight and never doubt the saving grace of our heavenly Father.

Love you all greatly and covet your prayers for the orphans of Russia. Thank you for your financial support as we speak the good news of Gods present Kingdom. 7606_746475125399980_2981100612455197893_n