A couple of years ago I began training in an advanced self-defense system. This system differs from anything I had ever seen. It uses the mind more than the body and can outsmart the average street thug. There is no punching or kicking. The ability to never fight and win a fight intrigued me.  I asked the instructor about this secret system and he simply replied, because this is not built on your strength or talent and is not an art form, but a reality.

At the time I really didn’t understand why I needed to learn it. I drove about 25 miles each way twice a week for almost two years to learn the eight tenets of this system. Many times in the winter it would be -40 F, but I never missed a session because it was so compelling. How can this man take on multiple attackers with such confidence? How can he be attacked by a man twice his size and strength and never lose? There are no throws, punches or arm locks. Every time this man would win with natural simplistic moves.

It was somewhere about half-way through my training that it began to come to me. I realized that my instructor had won in his mind before he ever started. There was never a seed of doubt in his mind. He truly was a “believer” in this highly advanced system. He cannot fail because failure isn’t in his mind, nor does his body logic allow it.

What’s The Difference???

In contrast, Martial Arts are built upon repetition and learning how to do certain moves. Training long hours with much discipline will allow you to advance in the belt systems of martial arts. This system I was learning had no belts to earn, you either got it or you didn’t.

I now see that God was showing me the difference between modern Christianity which is an art form often times and Kingdom living which should be a living reality. Like the eight tenets of self defense, the kingdom of heaven can operate on eight life principles. I began to see clearly the difference between learning to be a Christian and simply living as a son of God. In martial arts you just sign up and you become a member. It doesn’t matter if you are yellow belt or black belt, you can say you are in the art. That is the same way in Christianity, you confess you are a believer and you then can tell everyone you are a Christian. As with most people in martial arts, they could never successfully take on a gang of street savvy fighters, but they still can confess that they are in the art of martial arts.

Once I saw the difference between the two worlds of self defense, I clearly saw the difference between the two worlds of Christianity and Kingdom. In the Kingdom there are no degrees, you are either born again or you are not. In the Kingdom we don’t fight, the battles are all won already. Once you are born of water and Spirit then your nature changes and you never again have to rely upon your own strength or mental prowess. Just like the secret system for self defense, so is the Kingdom of God inside the hidden place of a persons heart.

It’s Not All Bad, But There Is A Better WAY!

Is martial arts bad? No, it is not bad in of itself. It is an art form that can be beautiful, but probably get you killed in a real street situation. Is Christianity bad? No, it can be good and help, but it will not give you power and authority over all the works of darkness. Modern Christianity has failure and struggle built into it, you constantly must take steps to keep your old nature in check which can drain you of ever truly being happy.

Kingdom is not built upon forms of art, but is a total heart change. You die and the new creature is born. You identify with Christ Jesus in water Baptism and literally separate yourself from the old world and the old you. When you come up out of that water grave, the resurrection power of God is breathed into you. You receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Never again to walk in your own strength. When you are at a loss for words to say, you simply pray in the new language and all concern is gone.

The choice is yours now, I have opened your mind and hopefully your spirit to see the difference. Walk in an art form and go to meeting after meeting to keep your form alive or become the living embodiment of God upon this earth. Yes, the King is real and still in the business of transforming lives into His glorious image. Become the body of Christ, cease from your struggles and be happier than you’ve ever thought possible!!!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor,

Pastor Rob