Fresh Energy From Your Emotions

Deep in the forest was a school of higher learning. Great teachers throughout the centuries had developed the place where students would be isolated and trained. I personally had heard about the school but couldn’t find anything on the internet about it. My desire to find the place to learn about the mysteries of the universe pushed me hard to search for it.

As you can imagine, it took me many years to locate the school of truth. Time will not allow me to tell the story of how I came to the school. I will say it cost me dearly in time, energy, and resources. For the sake of todays lesson, it literally drained me completely of all my emotional strength. However, I learned how to regain energy through my emotions as well as supercharge my life with my emotions while living at the school. In essence, it cost me all to gain all that I ever dreamed of having in my life.

I remember the first day that I walked into the area of the forest that is only known as The School, it was so peaceful. I noticed how all the students were so fresh looking. They had great complexion and their eyes were so clear. As I walked across the lower field I almost stepped on one of the students who was meditating. “Excuse me.” I said quietly. He never moved a muscle, simply a gentle nod that let me know that my apology was accepted.

For the first few days I would watch as the students would eat fruit and vegetables from around the forest. There wasn’t a regular eating time. I mimicked this one student that seemed to be a veteran of the school.  Time got away from me, I can’t remember if it was the fourth day or fifth day but these shiny little objects began to float down from the mountain above the forest where we were living. Without any expressed excitement the students began looking for one of the shiny objects. It took me awhile, but I eventually found one myself.

It was a small paper airplane made of a foil like material. Following the lead of the others, I opened the little airplane to find only a shiny reflective surface. The sun hit mine and temporarily blinded me. Upon gaining my sight I looked again for writing within the little airplane. Nothing was written on mine. Should I go for another one?

I folded the one I had and looked for another one…none were to be found. Today seemed like a good a day as any to break the silence between students. There was one student that was smiling so big at his little shiny airplane as well as making pleasant humming sounds. “Could you explain my shiny airplane to me?” I asked in a timid voice. He slowly turned toward me and nodded yes. He reached for my plane and opened it all the way up. Turning the inside to my face, he asked, “What do you see?”

It startled me and I had to think for a moment. I didn’t want to seem ignorant or out of tune with this whole learning process. I stared at the reflection of my face…I saw confusion and frustration. I told him as much. He nodded and said, “Good, work on these inside your soul.”  “How?” was all I could think to ask. “Learn to see the real you, The Great You, the you that is there past all of the false illusions.”

Many years passed before I could look into the shiny little airplane and see only joy, peace, and righteousness. I remember smiling real big and humming a harmonic tune. It was shortly thereafter that I walked away from The School to live a life of abundance with my family and friends.

Of course this story isn’t literal, but it is the truth.

Our emotions will try to rule over us and will actually drain us of precious life energy. We must learn to make our emotions work for us! Learn to become aware of the REAL you that your creator designed you to be. Why? Simply because you will see God in the mirror. Your world will change when you can see the new heaven and new earth in the reflection of life.

Perhaps you have certain thoughts about yourself which produce bad feelings. You may have the thought that you must perform in a certain way to appear successful and happy in the eyes of others. You know that type of thoughts will always produce strife and tension. What if you dropped all those false ideas of trying to appear as anything other than simply yourself. How would you feel then? You would never again let your emotions keep you believing that life is a tense competition…for in truth it is not.

The Truth of who you are in Christ will liberate your emotions. Here are some of the freedoms given:

  1. Freedom from being alone or isolated.
  2. Freedom from always working to be more and more ‘right.’
  3. Freedom from all lies of emotions that allow offence.
  4. Freedom from hurtful emotions that tell us we are not important in society.
  5. Freedom from falsely believing that there is an enemy stronger than our real self.
  6. Freedom from the irritating emotion or feeling that we must measure up to the expectations of others.

You are great all by yourself! Your Christ empowered self! Make LOVE, Kindness, Gentleness, Understanding, and all the other emotional energies work for YOU! You will see the major shift in the flow of life energy. Take off the T-Shirt that says, I will be great one day. Humbly put on the T-shirt that says, I AM Who I Am, And that makes God Happy.

Begin today affirming everything that God has declared you to be and give No energy to any emotion or thought that is not in alignment with The Word of God.

TODAY 👉🏽   “Let YOUR light SHINE before others…” -Jesus Christ 


Love, Peace & Coffee,

Roy Jr.