A Father’s Day Message

I love Father’s Day! Not only do I like to spend time with my father, but I love the attention I get from my children…and grandchildren! Father’s Day is coming up in a couple of days, I felt it would be a good thing to send out a Father’s Day Message to everyone.

My office today is in an ICU Hospital Room next to my Dad because he is currently recovering from a heart attack (Read Last Weeks Blog for More Info). I’m so thankful that he is making progress and will be with us for many more years. Praise GOD!

While staying with Mom and the family this last week, I have reminisced a lot about all the things that my Dad and I have gone through over the years. For your info, a couple of weeks from now I will turn 53, so for 53 years my dad has taught me, helped me, corrected me… and has been a stable force in my life. Dad is always there even when we lived 3,800 miles apart.

Talking about being apart…for about half of my life I have lived far away from my Dad. My wife and I were living in North Pole, Alaska until about 2 years ago and Dad was with Mom in Lamar, Arkansas…3,800 miles apart to be exact. Was I happy about it? No, I wasn’t at all glad to be separated from my parents, but that is most often what happens when you grow up and get married. 🙂

Now let me throw something at you that will sound insensitive for a Father’s Day message…weeks would go by sometimes without Dad and I communicating. I know it sounds terrible, but we don’t talk too much over the phone. Matter of fact, I will call Mom to have her ask him a question, mainly because Dad doesn’t always hear his phone and Mom keeps her phone attached to her ear…

You are now saying to me…GET TO THE MESSAGE!!!

Okay, here is the message:

A number of years ago while in prayer the Lord spoke to me that I should address Him as Father. From that point on I call God my Father when I am in prayer or praying for someone else. Now I know that is not unusual at all, but let me explain further. God wasn’t saying just change my verbiage, he was opening my understanding to the spiritual relationship that I have with Him.

👉🏽Just what kind of God do I have? One that for 53 years has taught me, helped me, and corrected me… I understood what God meant when He wanted me to call Him Father. I had a human comparison. Not just on one day a year, but everyday is Father’s Day in my life. Then it hit me…My dad has exampled to me the nature of God the Father!

It may be tough for some people to buy into the Fatherhood of God because they never had a good role model. That is why I wanted to write this Father’s Day message.

As a father, you can be a shining example of the nature of God. Provide, protect, and preserve your family! Show the world that we are NOT Fatherless! Yes, we can bring the nature of God into the rational world of the everyday. God is the best DAD EVER! He shows himself strong in the spirit as well as through human agencies.

This Father’s Day be sure to celebrate your earthly father and spend time communicating with your Heavenly Father. Truly the Spirit of Fatherhood is alive and doing great things! 

Feel secure in this one thing…Father will never leave you nor will He ever forsake you… 

Call Him PAPA, DADDY, FATHER, or ABBA….He understands the connection because He birthed you forth from His Fatherly Heart.

…..whereby we cry, ABBA, Father. (Romans 8:15b)

Love You All,

Under-Daddy (The Little One Under Big Daddy..God),