Today is the day to pre-load a whole new year/life!

Spiritual consciousness is the release from personal effort in the realization that harmony IS. Christ within will allow you to activate a fresh life modality every second of every day. 2016 is going to be the best year of your life because you are downloading the source of life starting today with proper prayer and meditation. Who cares what Katy Perry or J.K. Rowling is doing in their outer life choices? I pray they are doing well this next year within their spirit and souls.

How To Use More Than 1/3 Of Christ Consciousness

Most people are using less than 1/3 of the Christ consciousness available to them. Jesus came with a mission to organize an ARMY OF LIGHT! This army would consist of people who were flowing in full Christ consciousness. The army would be people like you and I that have activated the fulness of the Holy Spirit. Remember Stephen in the book of Acts in the Bible? He was a man FULL of the Holy Spirit. This means he was activated 100% by his direct communion with the Father of light. You can use ALL of the Holy Spirit flow by shifting from asking God for things and begin today to seek Him only. WE come to God first seeking His HAND (What can we get from Him), next we seek His FACE (His approval), and lastly and most importantly we seek His HEART (Inner workings of the Holy Spirit). King David in the Old Covenant was a man that sought the HEART of God. David obtained this title, “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” We can begin today using more of our Christ Consciousness by simply shifting the direction of our prayers and meditations. Turn them all toward the Father and watch what will happen.


Healing Protocol

Now is the appointed time to give yourself the most advanced healing protocol on the planet! You can receive the fulness of Christ within and begin to heal yourself, your family, and your friends. This total focus on the Father will clear personal blockages, will usher forth more flow from the realm of the spirit. More Holy Spirit = More Healing. Take dominion of your mind today with INTENTION, Meditate on the love and grace of God within your own self. I promise that after a session with your INTENTION on God you will dissolve all drama of the illusionary life of nonsense.


Download the next year and the rest of your life by soaking in the presence of the Life Giver Himself! Do it today and let me hear from you about all the doors that openedĀ for you and your family. The miraculous is anxiously awaiting your decision to live in the Spirit and leave the illusionary life of the flesh.

Thank you, again, for your support as we connect the army of light!!!

Much Love, Many blessings, and Great Favor!

-Rob Schreckhise