Do You Owe God?

Owe God?

Every since I can remember I was taught that I owed God so much that I could never repay Him fully. We are taught that Jesus died on Calvary to set us free and in the next breath we are told that we are indebted to God now. Question: Has God come to set us free or to put us in debt to Himself? Many Christians believe that God came to do both…

True Freedom

As anyone knows that has studied debt, it is not a liberating thing. True freedom includes being debt free! It would be awesome if someone were to give you a house! But if they then told you that they also gave you a high mortgage to go along with it, you would turn the house offer down. For God to truly set us free it would not include a massive debt that we could not ever pay. WE ARE SET FREE! Yes, God had a plan from the beginning to set us free from sin and all indebtedness of soul. “So if the Son makes you free, you are really free.” – Jesus (Jn 8:36 )

Made To Serve Him.

There are two kinds of kisses that I can get from my grandchildren. The first kind is the ones that I have to beg for and the second kind are the ones that they just volunteer to give. Which kiss do you think I like better? In like fashion, do you think we should worship God because He commands us to worship Him or because our heart desires to worship Him out of true love? I love Him and worship him out of total freedom! Christ paid the debt for sin once and for all. All debt is paid, now I can live debt-free in my soul and can love God without any weight of obligation.


The whole debt thing is probably what has turned so many people away from the true understanding of God’s plan for total freedom. False voices have taught that we are all sinners perpetually and can never fully pay what we owe God. We are just a bunch of flawed humans struggling to pay God back for all the good He has done in our life… I can understand why many have not bought into that life of debt. I pray we can help people see the truth about what God has done.

What About Tithes & Offering???

In the New Testament design, we give because He has blessed us to give. We can set aside a certain percentage of income for the work of God because we LOVE supporting. Tithe (10%) is what was used in the Old Covenant and worked well in supporting the priesthood. Today in the New Covenant we can give 10% as a rule of thumb, which is a principle of honor. We HONOR God with  the first-fruits of our labor. Offerings are not mandatory, they are OFFERED out of love and compassion. Truth is this, a giving person is experiencing the benefits of living in freedom, the freedom to GIVE! 

The Debt-Free Plan!

I see the true plan of God as a plan of total freedom from all debt of soul! The good news (gospel) is that you are no longer in debt and can serve the Lord out of the love you have been given. Did you know that everything God has given has been a GIFT??? Your life is a gift! Your talents are given to you. Your family is a gift. God’s gifts have no strings attached…they are FREE…to keep you debt free. One of the reasons for new birth is to set you up fresh in life, released from all debt that the old nature was under. 

We have truly been given SOOOO much from God, but not so we would feel the chains of debt. He has given everything to us so we could walk in total freedom! You owe God nothing, you are free to give to Him out of love and not out of duty.

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor.

-Rob Schreckhise