Christ Wants You To Be Selfish

One Question

I was asked this question: if you could teach on one thing or speak about one thing, what would that one thing be?

Sounds like an easy question, right? Not really for a person of so many words. I could talk about happiness in life, or peace, or joy, or something that would make people’s lives better.

However, all these “one” things were made up of many things, so it was never just one thing. I was just trying to make it sound like one thing.That has been the story of my life. I try to shotgun everything. I want to be the jack of all trades. I want to learn a little bit about everything and speak about many things.

Trying to teach the whole spectrum of life has hindered me from focusing on one direction that would allow me to have a greater impact and help a segment of society. So, I asked myself this question in private, “What is the one thing I could teach that would have an enormous impact on people’s lives, specifically younger people?”

I thought it would be easy to come up with a topic. I’ll just teach on… and then my mind goes blank. I will teach on just the simplest format of life…then my mind goes blank. I even wrote a little blog post recently about the happiness of blank, because I could not formulate an actual word for what I wanted to say. I believe there is a place or a sphere where there is no word for happiness, it just is. In other words, you are either happy or you are not happy.

So, what would be the One Thing I would teach that our mind could grasp, that our comprehension would comprehend, and our understanding would understand? What would that one thing be? Then it finally hit me. I suddenly knew what that one thing would be, and from this day forward I am going to teach it. I’m going to shout it from the rooftops! The “One Thing” is what this book is all about.


I hope you are ready for this, because it’s not my normal way of speaking, and it is going to sound self-serving. The one thing I would teach about would be self, The Great You! That is it. I would teach how to become the greatest YOU on the planet! I am telling you as straightforward as I can, we can revolutionize the whole world with this one teaching. This book is about YOU!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mispronouncing the word. I’m not trying to say ewe, like we are to be timid sheep. I’m trying to say, and I am saying, YOU! I believe that I can show you the power that has been lying dormant in our lives because we have been taught since we were little, teeny children that being centered on self is wrong. Throughout this book, I will show you that paying the utmost attention to self is so right.



Yes, the cat is out of the bag. My one big teaching, training, and model that will change the whole world is to go forth and teach people how to be GREATER in themselves. How to have total abandonment first to self.

So, I looked up the word “selfishness” to see what it actually meant, and I discovered that it means the quality or condition of being selfish. It means lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. To be selfish is called a quality, but in today’s society it is viewed primarily as a bad quality. In your mind, you might be thinking, yes, it is a quality, and is always a bad quality. No, that is simply not the truth. The truth is this: being selfish can be good or bad. Think about this for a minute, a person who is evil in their heart and who becomes very self-centered and a selfish person, then it is their selfishness that becomes evil because the person’s heart is evil, not because selfishness itself is an evil quality.

Now consider a person who has a pure heart, they have love in their heart, they are honest, they are transparent and they are giving. What do you think that kind of person produces when they become self-centered? I will tell you what they become, an expression or a powerhouse for good! It is what I call “THE GREAT YOU!” We need more people that know who they are and will express to you who they are in full living color.

I was on a plane to North Pole, Alaska and the stewardess instructed us that in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, there would be an oxygen mask dropping down. We are advised to put it on ourselves first before we attend to our children’s masks, if we’re traveling with children. That did not make sense to me. I would think that you would put the mask on your child’s face first before putting it on your own. But I was wrong, the proper order is to put it on your face first, then on your child’s face because you need to remain conscious and have the strength, power and the state of mind to help your child. If you put their mask on first, you could possibly pass out before you can get your own mask on. When I first heard the order of placing the mask on myself first, it sounded very self-centered, selfish and did not seem right to me. However, after I understood the process, I knew that I would put my mask on first and then place it on my child’s face. I learned a lesson about selfishness and self-centeredness that day.

I know there are people who are dark in their mind. These people are not looking for world peace; they are self-absorbed, not living life to the fullest, and they are not happy. I’m not trying to teach these people. With my One Thing, I would be teaching people who are looking to grow their lives, those who want to plug into the community of humanity and have a huge impact in the world. There are many books, seminars, meetings, and trainings that will teach you how to obtain a pure heart, so I don’t think that I have to go over that in my one training. I would encourage everyone to do everything in their power to maintain a pure heart, a clean mind, and a transparent life of joy, peace and happiness.

This is chapter one of the book,

The Great You! 

Much Love,