Can You Text God?

Talking To God

Let us not think of God as a human, that can be contacted

the same way you would communicate with another human.

There is an app for that..

– Yes, you can download an app that allows you to send a text to God. Will God get it??? Of course we know that God didn’t design the app. It’s a gimmick.

– Yes, there is actually a phone number set up for people to call God… again, gimmick.

Prayer is Spiritual…period.

Communication with the divine is not something we can do with our earthly mind. The earth mind is actually a enemy of the pure Holy Spirit.  Let me be straightforward with you and tell you that prayer in only made after you have made contact with God. To simply utter words in the atmosphere or to simply text God a request is not going to work. God is not Santa Claus waiting to give us our personal wishes. Prayer is real….real spiritual.

Real Prayer

Lose the prayer guides and stop repeating the Lord’s Prayer. The Lords Prayer was a spiritual template not an intellectual reference guide. Real prayer is connecting with God from your heart. 

How To Really Pray

  1. Get alone in a quiet place.
  2. Clear your mind and silence your thoughts… You can do it!
  3. LISTEN from your heart to what The Spirit is saying to you.


Refreshing Prayer!

I can assure you God has no awareness of our earthly prayers. We blurt out our wish list and hope with all we are worth that we have enough favor with God to get what we ask for in our prayer session. How many of your prayers are answered?  Very few of my prayers were answered, so I had to get real. I knew the problem wasn’t with God. 

I stopped trying to impress God. I stopped trying to persuade God. I stopped trying to manipulate God. 

I learned to listen, meditating on the inner voice of the Father. During the times of listening, I will sometimes be prompted to respond with words of my own language or with an unknown language. There are times the connection with heaven will bring a response of crying or laughing, It is so easy and refreshing to pray now that I am not trying to twist God’s arm. 

Once you learn that prayer is a flowing in the spirit with mostly listening, your prayer meetings will turn into spiritual gatherings. Your canned prayers from prayer guides and such will fade from your daily activities. You learn the desires of God inwardly. All the nonsense of praying for the new job, or to win the lottery will end. You will not try gimmicks of texting God. You learn very quickly that you and the Father have a much greater connection that what a cell tower can deliver!

We are admonished by the Apostle Paul to pray without ceasing. This means to stay connected constantly. We develop a flow with God that has also been called Walking In The Spirit. 

Can you see how easy it is to pray and meditate? Prayer is not how many words you can form. Prayer is making the connection in the spirit. 

Much Love.

-Rob Schreckhise