Imagine this, Friend,

You’re sitting at a restaurant.

The lights are dim, there’s someone extremely attractive sitting across from you, and the air is filled with the aroma of fine food and the soft sound of glasses clinking together.

You pick up the menu and glance down at your options.

There’s something that looks expensive right at the top…

You don’t even really see what it is, just that it costs $34 a plate…

You keep skimming, your eyes on the numbers in the right hand column, rather than the food descriptions on the left.

Let’s see…


Ah, here it is.

$14 entree

You stop. You look over to the left, already knowing what this item will be.

Yep, it’s the chicken.


I once heard multi-millionaire T. Harv Eker say that people who are on track to remain poor will always order chicken from the menu, unless there is a cheaper option.

He said that they will keep on doing this, even if they can afford something a bit more expensive (and tasty) simply because their minds have been programmed to do so.

“I can’t get the steak. Nevermind that thing down there that says ‘Market Price.’ That’s WAY out of my league.”

Even if they actually CAN order the higher priced items, they never do.

Because in the back of their minds, something says “that isn’t for you.”

And so they keep getting the chicken. They always spend a habitual “pre-set” amount.

Not because it’s actually the best thing on the menu. It’s the most comfortable thing.

Here’s the problem with this.

Their minds are doing the same thing, when it comes to making money.


They have a “pre-set” amount in their brain that goes, when it hears an amount like a million dollars…”That isn’t for you.”

It might even say that at $10,000. Or at $1,000,000. “You can’t make $10,000 a month…you never have before. Why would you now?”

Or, “There are people who make a million dollars a year. But that’s not me.”

You see…

The amount doesn’t matter. It’s the “set” point that you have, that you can’t get past, that matters.

It’ s the fact that you’ll keep making the amount you’re comfortable with.

Until the day you do something different.

Until you stop ordering the chicken…

NOW let’s shift from money and look at our SPIRITUAL LEVEL of consciousness. Everyone has a “set” point that keeps them on the same level spiritually.

spiritual freedom

I want to teach you how to break free from every limiting mindset and how to begin each day with the inner reminder of your true identity!

We MUST identify ourselves as spirit, literally as the law of life. We will raise the bar from low thinking and remove the idea of what we can get from people or what can people do for us. You can actually go out into life as the presence of God, representing heaven to people.

This higher level of spirituality will bless everyone that comes within your range of thought and activity.


You and your FATHER are ONE! One to the world.

Are you ready to break your “set” points spiritually?

I believe you are ready or you would not have read this far.

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