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Book Cover - Awaken The Christ Mind

Awaken The Christ Mind

The Definitive Guide To Spiritual Awakening

At one point or another, I believe, everyone will come to a point in there life where they will stop and ask themselves, “Is this all there is to life”? Everyone will wonder to themselves that there has to be more…

That is the beginning of a very exciting journey in life, the spiritual awakening. If that is where you are at right now this is the book you MUST read. I reveal a whole new perspective on 21 of life’s most important topics for personal success and happiness.

The Great You!

Rob has gone all the way and let the cat out of the bag…You are supposed to be positively self-centered. Rob lays out in detail what a better world we would have if everyone took care of themselves first! May sound selfish and counterproductive to world peace, but becoming the best you that you can be will help us all. From the one source to the one switch we can all be GREATER than ever before!


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The Happy You Journal!

A happy little journal to help you enjoy life! Pages have little suggestions and photos in the background.


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The Ultimate Spiritual Coaching Guidebook!

A 40 week Christian discipleship guide.


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8 Life Principles For A Happier You

There are forces at work around us at all times wether we choose to acknowledge them or not. In this guide we reveal 8 specific principles that could ultimately be the key to your success and happiness.

Healing Prayer Guide

You can begin today speaking healing words over your own body with authority and power.

Facebook Detox

In a world filled with social media bombarding us from every angle; it is good to take a little break from it all sometimes. This guide was created to educate people on the harmful effect over-dosing on social media has on your personal happiness and overall success in life. It might be time to take a much need break and find balance.

Miracle Worker

What would it mean to you if we told you that you have the power within yourself to do miracles. Even better yet, what if the only thing holding you back is a misconception being taught concerning the kingdom of God. Get this guide and see things through a new perspective and possibly even perform a miracle yourself!

Spiritual Kingdom

Hell. It isn’t some far off place that you go to after death. Hell is a reality in many peoples’ lives right now. By that same logic, heaven must be able to be a reality in our lives as well.

Look into this Spiritual Kingdom guide and see for yourself that a lot of what was taught in the Bible was not meant to be literal. Learn what the spiritual kingdom is, where it is at and how it effects your happiness on a daily basis.

Willing To Succeed

Can you succeed at anything you want it life? That is a given, of course you believe you can! The difficulty comes from answering the simple question of “Are you willing to succeed?”

Get this guide to see if you have what it takes to work to become everything you are meant to be in life.


If you are at odds with depression, anxiety, fear or frustration in your life, this is the guide book for you. Inside we will go step by step to pinpoint the root of your feelings, what to do about them and how to overcome it all.

You were born great, greatness is within you. We will help you find it and see for yourself!