Believe Your Way To Success


“But Jesus, not heeding the word spoken,

saith unto the ruler of the synagogue,

Fear not, only believe..”

-Jesus (Mark 5:36)


Listen to the right voice!

Jesus CHOSE to NOT listen to the doubting voice. Many times we begin to walk down the mental path of thinking what could go wrong instead of climbing the high path of what could go right! Follow the example of Jesus by not allowing anything to undermine your positive belief in the possible. Jesus was confident and forceful… ONLY BELIEVE! Powerful stuff right there Manerd! Proper belief has proven to help millions of people obtain ultimate success. Have faith in God and believe your way to success in your life. Be a walking, talking, squawking BELIEVER!!!! 

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor.

-Rob Schreckhise