Do you get excited about learning something new? It’s that giddy feeling that comes when you walk into a classroom or read a self-help book on a subject on which you are passionate. Learning is exciting and fun if you WANT to learn. 

As much as I love developing my mind, there is something I love so much more. I love exercising my faith! At first it may not have the same appeal, but the rewards of exercising your faith will eclipse the basic format of just gaining information.


I love jumping deep into the LEARNING of new material. I have travelled far and wide learning all sorts of different things to help me to be more equipped as a minister. I even learned a comprehensive self-defense system. I learned about the chakras of our body. I learned about frequencies and vibrations that effect our lives. I learned so much that it finally came to a point of overload.

Can you learn too much? I don’t think so, but you can overload your capacity to utilize it all. We can fall into the trap of learning just for the sake of learning. I realized one day that I was learning all the time and never applying what I had learned. The reward of learning comes when you can produce from what you have learned.

What would you think of a doctor that studied for 20 years in the field of medicine, but never once applied any of what he had learned in helping the sick? You would not really think of him as much of a doctor. Think about a preacher that studied for years on how to heal the sick and how to bring peace into someone’s soul, but never actually stepped out into accomplishing these things in a person’s life.


There comes a time to PRACTICE what you’ve learned. That is what separates seminar Sam from do-it Dave. Do you enjoy attending seminars and conferences? Do you take what you learn at those venues and apply them when you get back home?

What I’m saying is this, learning is good, APPLYING what we learn is best. This also applies to becoming happier in life. Can you learn to be happy? No, you learn what it takes to be happy and then you APPLY the principles to bring happiness.

The application of learning is what separates the producers from the non-producers. Making the phone call to rent a building is scary. I remember an orthodontist telling us at a training how unprepared he was for opening a practice. He had learned how to be an orthodontist, but had never been taught how to apply his learning through managing a facility and a staff.

Jesus Applied What He Had Learned

Remember the story of Jesus at a wedding that had used up all their wine? He was trained at how to work a miracle, but had not yet exercised his gift. His mother looks at the servants and informs them to do whatever Jesus directs them to do. Jesus must have felt he wasn’t ready because he tells his mother it’s not time yet. Mary knew he could do it and literally pushes him out into the limelight. Jesus APPLIED what he had learned and turned the water into wine.

What is stopping you from applying what you have learned? Lack of faith in what you’ve learned? Lack of confidence? I remember praying for a lady in the hospital for weeks on end, nothing seem to be happening. Her family members were beginning to sell her stuff and mark her off. I stayed the course and continued praying for her even though most of the time she was unconscious and not able to hear my prayers.

I think it helped me to exercise my faith to a higher level. I didn’t have to be concerned with anyone hearing my prayer or criticizing my APPLICATION. Weeks turned into months, but eventually she began to turn and regain her health. I’m glad to say she was healed!

I learned how to heal the sick with consistent prayers of faith. I also learned how to APPLY the principles. The best part is when I actually APPLIED them and saw the miraculous results!

Now let me teach you the principles of happiness and how to apply the principles. This is a proven path of happiness, APPLIED HAPPINESS!

Happiness is a state of being. A state of being that I believe is available to everyone.

Here are 4 things to learn about happiness.

1.Happiness is free. You don’t need any material things to be happy.
2.Happiness is easy to obtain. No need to struggle your way into a happy place.
3.Happiness is powerful. When you are happy, you can accomplish much more than when you are sad or anxious.
4.Happiness is contagious. When you are consistently in a happy state, it shifts the atmosphere wherever you go.

Happiness will never come to you if you believe it is only a mental conditioning. Your mind will benefit from the source of happiness but is not able to produce it by itself.


Happiness is derived from pleasure, challenge and meaning. These must be established in the core of our being or what is referred to as our soul. The person that can’t find these three in the basic functions of life will never be happy.

Let’s look deeper into what it is that is the source of these three happiness triggers. We have already established that it is not more knowledge. We know that learning a lot of information will not bring us happiness. We have also learned that material things only bring temporary happiness that doesn’t permanently shift our state of being.

The SOURCE is the power of the universe within us! Every single human has happiness built into their DNA. That’s right, we are born happy from the source of life. We have been given the ability to have pleasure, accomplish feats and understand the meaning of it all. We have actually allowed unhappiness to be taught to our minds and seep into our souls. I’m not going to attempt to unlearn what you’ve learned, I’m showing you how to tap into the source of life, which will vicariously bring you the fruit called happiness!

Let me ask you a series of questions:

-Do you still find pleasure in going outside to do some simple task, like taking a walk?
-Are you consistently finishing small projects that you start?
-Could you tell me in 30 seconds or less the meaning of your life?
-Are you thrilled at the prospect of helping someone fulfill their dreams?
-Are you alert to your surroundings?

The Source of happiness is the same as your source of life. The happy person will be more aware and more productive. A happy person can answer quickly and positively to all the above questions.


Learn to stop thinking so much and discern the source. Our brains want to define everything with words and feelings. The life source inside of you is called your spirit and has no thoughts or feelings. Your spirit simply IS.

How do we know life and happiness are real if we can’t feel them or think on them for a reasonable answer? We know because we are alive. You can stop thinking or feeling and still be fully alive.

This is where meditation and prayer come into the equation. We disengage our will and discern the will of our creator. You will find the source there in that quiet place. Once you find the inner source, the power that Jesus called the Kingdom within, you can begin to find pleasure, accomplishment and meaning to your life.


When you leave the place of meditation there will be a difference in your perspective of everything. You will find pleasure in the wind on your face, the giggle of a child. Making your bed will be a joy and Monday mornings will be as exciting to you as Friday evenings. The APPLICATION of your new found state of being is true happiness.


Learn all you can absorb, but more importantly, take time to be quiet and tap into the source of life within you. Remember, in doing all that, to APPLY it in your life!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor!

Rob Schreckhise