Step Three To Spiritual Awakening


“Wake up, you who are sleeping!
    Rise from death, and Christ
will shine on you.”
-Apostle Paul

2 Stages Of Step 3 – 🙂

1. Stage One – Angry At Religious People

a.They will not listen to your new beliefs.
b.They will not accept your new path of living.
c.Some actually begin to mock you and ostracize you.
d.You then begin to feel anger toward them for their lack
of understanding.
e.You can begin to feel that they are even evil and you are
the only one “right” in your circle of friends and family.

2. Stage Two – Angry At Yourself

a.You can begin to not like who you are becoming,
(Mainly because of the separation from security).
b.You can begin to second guess your decisions.
c. Your new world is still developing and your old world
is not wanting to let go.

Any psychologist will tell you that anger stems from a wide variety of underlying causes. When it comes to anger stemming from a spiritual awakening however, we usually can narrow down the field a little bit.
You still have hidden issues, not yet brought to the surface as well as the inability to fully let go of those issues brought to your conscious awareness.

This can all bring the emotions to a set-point and the result is often anger in the ways I have explained.


I recommend that you avoid people and situations that you know will bring on the feelings of anger. You are molting from the old you to the new awakened you and the last thing you need is to feed the anger.
Think of yourself as crossing over from caterpillar to butterfly. You will fly soon enough and you will live the new life in front of those that don’t understand.

You will not have to constantly clean up the emotional pieces if you will be aware that anger is part of the process. Avoid the anger at all costs and learn to redirect your thoughts. It gets better and it will be well worth the journey!

Much Love, Many Blessings, and Great Favor,

– Pastor Rob Schreckhise.

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