There are many things to be happy about in your life. One thing is your overall wellbeing. To have a basic handle on the basics of life will give you a good starting point for personal happiness. To be more pragmatic about it, I guess I could use the word satisfaction. To find satisfaction in life you need a few basic components to make it all flow. The basic components that Jesus taught to us in the 4 gospels of the Bible. I call them the 4 stones, foundation stones of satisfaction.

The FIRST thing is a solid connection with friends who are walking in the same direction that you are walking.

After examining studies of more than three thousand adults, Chaeyoon Lin and Robert Putnam found that what religion you practice or however close you feel to God makes no difference in your overall life satisfaction. What matters is the number of friends you have in your religious community. Ten is the magic number; if you have that many, you’ll be happier. Religious people, in other words, are happier because they feel connected to a community of like-minded people.

It is not only what you receive from community but also what you give. Mentoring a young person has proven to up your happiness by as much as 4 times the amount over money and health!!!

The SECOND thing needed to a PLOT. You need to have a plan in life and know where you and your plan fit into your life story. No PLOT, no JOY.

People who wrote about the history of their lives were 11 percent more likely to feel happy with their lives and 17 percent more likely to feel optimistic about the future. – Yamada 2000

The THIRD building block of a happy life is the PLAN. What are your goals and aspirations? Have you taken the time to write them down? A life plan is like a road map for you. You can know where you are going and not have to stress all the time about the unknown. You plan your relationships, finances, and career. YOU PLAN! I have been privileged to help young people develop a life plan using THE FLIGHT PLAN COURSE. I have gained soooo much satifaction from helping others chart their Flight Plan.

The capacity to continue trying despite repeated setbacks was associated with a more optimistic outlook on life in 31 percent of people studied, and with greater life satisfaction in 42 percent of them. – Meulemann 2001

The FOURTH and final foundational stone of satisfaction that I would want to bring up is MOTIVATION. Learning to imbed all you motivations in life around putting the Lord first in everything that you do. Putting Christ in the center of your life and all his righteousness is the BIG KEY to life satisfaction, happiness in life.

Conclusion: Life is good for those who have the right foundation in Christ. Life is good NOW.

Take ACTION today by reassessing the 4 Stones of Satisfaction that lead to a solid house of happiness.

1. Do you have a strong Godly COMMUNITY?
2. What is your life PLOT?
3. Have you taken the time to design a life PLAN?
4. Is the Kingdom of God the center of your life?

Hope you take action now to be the happiest person alive!!!!!


Rob Schreckhise