When I say that Relationships are everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

I have witnessed the craziest thing in our society. People have slowly incarcerated themselves into solitary confinement. The tricky part is they don’t know they are incarcerated.

Before we talk about incarceration let me lay you some foundational thoughts for ultimate happiness.

Jesus Christ told us that EVERYTHING concerning the old law and prophets could be summed up in three relationships. Jesus clearly showed us that loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength as well as loving our neighbors as ourselves is the key to really living.

You may have heard me in times past teach on these three relationships; 1.God 2.Others 3.Yourself. Believe it or not the key to real happiness begins with understanding the relationship with yourself.

WHAT! Yes, the relationship with self is so important because it sets the foundation for all other relationships. Follow with me for a minute. Is Rob telling you to love yourself more than God? No, I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that we should love God, Others and Self with a total abandonment, fully loving ALL three.

Your creator created you perfect.

If has been proven that if you have self-hate or do not care for your own life it will warp your view of God and others. Can you imagine a perfect creator creating a being that was less than perfect? A creator that has all knowledge, all wisdom, and all understanding, creating a human with flaws?

We have to be taught that there is something wrong with us. We learn to dislike ourselves. For whatever reason we develop a dislike for ourselves from things we have done that we know we shouldn’t have done or through things we should have done and didn’t. We get this idea that we are not as good as we should be, especially comparing ourselves to others.


Let’s talk about the beginning of relationships taking a dive. Look at your life as a SHIP, a relationSHIP floating in the sea of life. First you must keep your own SHIP afloat. Sounds a little selfish at first, but if you don’t take care of your SHIP, no one else is going to do it for you. This includes loving yourself so that cracks and leaks don’t develop from hatred, anger, and grudges you are holding against yourself. Learn to be thankful for who you are and begin to make wise choices in life from that perspective.

As a glorious SHIP on the sea of life you can gain so much more happiness when you are not floating out there all alone. You are a healthy SHIP that can float along with other healthy SHIPS and this is what we call a FLOTILLA! Are you beginning to see the power of loving yourself and others? This big sea of life is so exciting when you are a part of a flotilla that has purpose and healthy design.

I like to think of God as the mother SHIP that leads us all and supplies us all in our life journey on this big vast sea of awesome humanity. Loving God, others and self is the happy life!

Where did our culture make a wrong turn?

I’m not sure the exact place, but I believe along the way somewhere in the late 60’s or early 70’s the breakup began to happen. The flotilla began to slowly breakup. It all started with people not understanding how glorious they were as SHIPS individually. The hatred of self was manifest in how people began to abuse drugs and alcohol. Woodstock was a huge gathering that showed people supposedly living the free life, but photos I have seen show the empty look in the eyes of people separated from the flotilla of proper relationships. Those people wanted free from the constraints of society. They wanted free from taxes, government and law. They had many good ideas, but in separating themselves from society they started a damaging movement.

One thing led to another and eventually God (the mother ship) was replaced with self-government. The division of neighbor began because of no one wanting anyone telling them what to do in life, so the flotilla began to breakup. Then as lone SHIPS on the sea of life all sorts of problems began to develop.

Today we can see the effects of the breakup of the flotilla, isolation, depression, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, panic, fear, hopelessness, and a general feeling of disconnection has swept over our culture. Think of the many syndromes, disorders, illnesses, and mental dysfunctions that have plagued us. It is because of the breakdown in the 3 relationships. Restore the relationships and heal the society.

Now let’s jump back to the incarceration that I was telling you about. Humans have a natural desire to connect. They feel the need to be a part of a flotilla, but have disconnected from the mediums that will place them in a flotilla. Church is no longer a “cool” thing. Civic groups are struggling to get members. Even family get togethers are no longer a regular thing. There has to be something to connect people….

The Trap

Social media comes along at just the right time and lays a big deceitful trap. People have been snared into thinking that friendships on social media will put them back into good relationships. Social media has its place only after “REAL” relationships are established in your life. Relationships that include really knowing yourself, your friends and your God.

Solitary confinement is when the only relationships you have in life are those online. For whatever reason you have locked yourself up in an imaginary world. That is not a real flotilla. You have no one to hug you and share your dreams with you. You just banter back and forth with information online. Hearts cannot connect completely through social media alone.

The Cure

Shake yourself free from the old patterns of life. Give God thanks for your life. Give thanks for how God created you. Get up and get out of your house and go to the coffee shop. Connect with real people. People with warts on their noses, people that have bad breath… you know, REAL people. Laugh, love and enjoy the beauty of life in all of humanity. This is what everything hangs upon in life, especially your happiness.

What does God think about it all? This is His plan. Mankind coming together in love for one another is the original design. A vast sea of humanity that loves their creator (mother ship) and loves all the ships in the flotilla (neighbors) and also loves themselves.


I love connecting people. I love my God, I love You and I love Myself. Join us in our quest to set people free from solitary confinement. Subscribe to our newsletter and jump into our live webinars. Join us in a live meeting if you can. Contact us if you want us to come to your area.


Rob Schreckhise