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3 Reasons Russians Aren’t Coming To Christ

Specifically Russian Men

Maybe you don’t agree with me, but that’s ok. I saw this perspective when I visited Russia a few times.

Number One…Russian men are thinkers and have studied science a LOT. They can also read a fake a mile away. This hurts the modern Christian preacher that has wrong motives. Many good Preachers out there, but there is also many fake ones ruining the desire for Russian men to come into the Kingdom of God.

Number Two: They see Christianity as wimpy. Islam gets 70 virgins and can shoot guns. Christians have to turn the other cheek and can’t have any virgins when they die. Christianity requires 10% of your income. Islam only asks for about 3%…you tell me why Russian men aren’t lining up by the droves to enter Christianity???

Number Three: The modern Christian model is mainly seen as a westerner concept. Lots of frill without any real delivery…. Bye Bye TBN…

My hope is that we will clarify the message of the Kingdom of God as well as demonstrate it’s mighty power and authority. The Kingdom of God is by far the greatest kingdom of all!

Love you guys and pray you man up and be real to the world.

Rob Schreckhise