I can help you, but It’s gonna cost you!

The flood of concerned people on Facebook and other social medias is staggering! So many good folks out there in cyberland wanting to help me reach great wealth and be personally at the height of inner peace. I get at least a dozen emails per day from people wanting to help me set up an online business or help me to make a triple digit income. It is so heartwarming to get so much attention. Free consultations, free downloads, free videos, and free webinars. I seriously don’t know where to start. With all this free training available why isn’t everyone in the world wealthy?

Why Isn’t Everyone Rich Yet?

The first thing that I’ve noticed is that the free stuff is mostly introductory items to get you into a coaching package or to attend the expensive seminar. If you want to drop anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 you can learn how to do what they do. I guess that is fine for those folks that have extra cash laying around.

The second thing is that everyone’s gifts and talents vary. Let’s face it, to listen to a Tony Robbin’s seminar is not going to make you a charismatic personality like he is. You give the same exact cake ingredients to a dozen people to take home and give them each the same recipe to follow and see what kind of cakes you get. They will all be a little different. This is the nature of coaching programs. One person can take Amway or Avon and get rich in a couple of years, while another can plod on for many years and never make enough to make a decent living.

What About This Model?

For all of you that really want to excel in a home business or build a successful online presence, listen to this grand plan. This plan will not cost you any money up front. TOTALLY FREE! Free program that is complete with everything you will need to become successful. How will it work? It will over-deliver on VALUE! You will gain information just like every other coaching program, but the difference would be in the ability to soar in your personal awareness to everything needed to be uber-successful.

How Would The Provider Sustain Their Business?

I have a theory that has worked for me over the years while helping people. I give them everything that I possibly can to see them through the process of success. AFTER they are successful and have resources to provide support, they always support me. Crazy huh? Instead of asking for money all the time or requiring money before I help you, I help you make the money or gain inner success, then you can give into me from the new found growth.

I always remind people that it requires resources for me to thrive and to continue to add VALUE to them and others. To me it’s not risky business at all. If people will listen to the sound instruction of principles, they will not fail, they cannot fail.

I utilize a few guides to start with and then help the person build a personal plan for themselves. Sure it takes more energy, but the investment will have a greater return.


Big seminars and cloned coaching courses are only able to give information from a 2D platform. Personalized coaching will give the information for growth and more importantly will be able to ping back your growth assessments with fresh personalized insights. This 3D tailored approach is unique to you and will help you grow within your level of consciousness without the burden of a heavy financial cost.

What If I Get Shafted?

What would I do if I trained someone to become successful and they never pay me anything? I would do nothing, I would continue helping people without allowing that particular person to turn me against a proven investment model. I invest in people. People are all different. One may not pay anything and the next will pay beyond my wildest dreams. Up to this point in my life I am ahead of the curve.

“Truthfully I want to give you lunch, not take your lunch!” 

Many leaders of business and spirituality have worked from this get paid later model and excelled greatly. Think about it for a minute and you will see how it can work better. Instead of scraping together enough money to pay me $5,000 to teach you how to get more personal success, pay me after you have $50,000 in the bank. You will not be paying me with stressed out money, you can joyfully pay me with peaceful money. I personally would rather have the later. 

Final Thought

For those that grow personally but never really make much money, that’s fine. Not everyone on the planet is seeking greater amounts of resources. Many people want to gain inner balance and be able to find their life purpose. Then all I would ask is that you give a token of appreciation to my service of adding value to your life. No amount is too small and no amount is too large. Your heart will guide you. If you need me, CALL ME! If you appreciate the blog and all that we offer, donate. If you don’t need anything, smile and tell those that do need something about Mountain Eight and what we are doing to bring more peace and unity to humanity.

Much Love, Many Blessings, And Great Favor,
Rob Schreckhise