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Welcome To Mountain Eight (M8)

The Online Campus For Spiritual Awakening

  • M8 is a spiritual organization with a vision to inspire and teach others how to go through the transformational stages of spiritual awakening. We believe christian spirituality is more than a binary game of being saved or unsaved but rather consists of many many levels of mastery and truely a life long endevor.
  • We believe more and more that people are no longer fulfilled with traditional christian beliefs and are under going spiritual awakening to the idea there is more than what has been taught for the past few decades!
  • We believe in a Creator, a Creator that has been writing a story of love and purpose for everyone. This story is a living progression from Bible stories into the present day, and God has given everyone a role to play in this story.
  • We teach that the Power of God is present in the earth NOW and is an eternal design!
  • Understanding that cultures vary and shift with time, we endeavor to continually adapt without compromising the principles of life that The Creator established in the universe.
  • We whole-heartedly believe that everything that has, does and will happen in time is all by God’s Perfect design! HE IS NEVER OUT OF CONTROL!

Hi I'm Rob

I am the founder and pastor of Mountain Eight. I started Mountain Eight Ministries to inspire and motivate those that are searching for spiritual awakening! Please check out all our free resources on this website and if you still need help contact me!

Meet Rob

What People are Saying About Rob

“Rob is so filled with hope. This hope is contagious, infectious. Some people share their faith. Rob goes well beyond that. He shares his hope. Glorious, life changing hope. CATCH IT while you can!”-Charles

“I first met Rob in 1997, immediately I could see that he is all about helping and lifting people into the fullness of life. Rob has been a major anchor in my journey of life, he has stood by me in the good times and the dark times. He is a man of integrity. He is a man you can trust.”Mike

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Step Two To Spiritual Awakening

Step Two To Spiritual Awakening Summary “Wake up, you who are sleeping!     Rise from death, and Christ will shine on you.” -Apostle Paul Wake UP and get Totally Confused! - Although no one wants to tell you the truth about these steps to spiritual awakening, I want...

Step One To Spiritual Awakening

Step One To Spiritual Awakening Summary “Wake up, you who are sleeping!     Rise from death, and Christ will shine on you.” -Apostle Paul Get Saved or Wake UP? - Getting “saved” is a religious positioning that removes the horror of finding yourself in hell after you...

Where Is Mountain Eight?

Mountain Eight Offline Campus for spiritual awakening operates out of the Red Oak Chapel building in Lamar, Arkansas!

Mountain Eight Inc.