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Welcome To Mountain Eight (M8)

What Is M8?

  • M8 put simply is an organization devoted to making the world a happier place through Christ-based teachings. We accomplish this through our blogs, courses, vlogs, and much more content.
  • Our foundational belief is very simple. We believe there is a God, and we are not him. Keeping that in mind we begin to push forward into this big beautiful world we live in and enjoy ourselves while we are doing it!
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  • People In The World Who Claim To Be happy 34%
  • People In The World Who Claim They Are Not Happy 66%

Hi, I'm Rob

I am the founder of Mountain Eight and self proclaimed happiest man alive! A few other people agree with me as well I can assure you! I am obsessed with giving people the abundant life that God wants for them. Please check out all our resources here and if you still need help contact us!

What People are Saying About Rob

“Why am I alive? What is God’s purpose for me and mankind as a whole? These are the questions that I needed answered. Mountain Eight taught me the answers. Mountain Eight also taught me how to be able to find the answers to the ever evolving questions. Mountain Eight will give you answers and assist you in unlocking ALL of your potential andauthority given to you by God.” -Robi

“I first met Rob in 1997, immediately I could see that he is all about helping and lifting people into the fullness of life. Rob has been a major anchor in my journey of life, he has stood by me in the good times and the dark times. He is a man of integrity. He is a man you can trust.” -Mike

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I don’t know about y’all, but I’m so beyond ready for fall in this house! I already dug out my fox cookie jar, dishes, and wee little fox salt and pepper shakers. I proudly display them across the dining room and kitchen. I hung my fall wreath on the inside of my...

Hugs & Coffee

This past week I could have really used a big ol cup of coffee with a sloppy splash of encouragement. I switched to decaf, thinking I was taking in too much caffeine and let me tell you… the week seemed like I was enduring my last few days, very dark days. I found...