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Mountain Eight offers Life Coaching which provides realistic tools that you can use to improve your personal life, family and business. There are many methods we can customize to assist you in your growth. Our founder Rob Schreckhise has designed numerous  systems that are built on proven principles to help you gain total success in all areas of your life.

These are some of the general topics addressed in Mountain Eight’s Coaching:

Developing A Successful Practice
True Prayer/Meditation
Raising Insight
Energetic Management
Working With Mentors
Personal Integrity
Abundance Consciousness
Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
The Law of Attraction
Soul Purpose
Balancing Life Energies
Deepening One’s Connection To Creator
Improving Relationship To Self
Improving Relationship To Others
Ability To Be Vs. Do
Ability To Open Heart
Ability To Live In The Present
Intuition Development

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